Power was restored at the MVNU Mount Vernon campus earlier this evening. Thanks to everyone who worked through the outage to keep things going. The campus will remained closed tomorrow, July 4. We look forward to getting back to normal on Thursday.

The MVNU Mount Vernon campus will be closed from Monday, July 2, through Wednesday, July 4, due to the power outages following Friday’s storm. Facilities, Campus Safety, and IT personnel are asked to report on Monday.

More info is available at MVNU’s Facebook page, @MVNUNews on Twitter, and by listening to WNZR FM 90.9.

MVNU’s main campus in Mount Vernon remains without power following the storm on Friday, June 29, which caused damage throughout central Ohio. The campus will be closed on Monday, July 2, although facilities staff are expected to report for work.

Currently, MVNU’s website is down and campus email is not operating. WNZR continues to make regular updates every 15 minutes or so at 90.9 FM in Knox County and Central Ohio. We will continue to make necessary announcements on this site, and through Twitter and Facebook.

You can follow updates from MVNU on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ThisIsMVNU.

You can follow updates on Twitter at www.twitter.com/MVNUNews.

This blog space is for Mount Vernon Nazarene University in the event of a crisis or emergency when University web servers may be down, a power loss interrupts service, or necessarily facilities become severely damaged. Information will be posted here in the event of such an occurrence. Please continue to check MVNU’s main web site to see if service is resumed.

For general crisis response and crisis communication information, please visit MVNU’s Safety/Emergency page. We are dedicated to communicating with University family, friends, and community in a timely and effective manner in the event of an emergency.


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